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What is Integrative Somatic Breathwork?

A holistic approach for guiding/coaching people in their personal development.
Advanced self-experience and shadow work including breathwork, self-regulation, embodiment, focus, mindset and somatic practices.

This training offers a systemic toolset based on frameworks and knowledge from the filed of psychology, Meditation, Breathwork and Bodywork with emphasis on self experience and practice to learn how to apply them in our everyday lives and in the work with clients.

Integrative Somatic Breathwork comprises 3 key pillars:
Meditation, Energywork, and Breath- and Bodywork,
all supported by foundational knowledge, science and basic understanding of anatomy and the nervous system.


What will you learn?

⊗  Develop and build your own set of tools, a wide range of skills and competences.

⊗  Learn to be fully present and centered in guiding others in their experiences and sessions.

⊗  Safely hold space and guide others from a place of respect and authenticity.

⊗  Go on your own deep growing journey, and find your purpose and mission.


⊗  Learn and implement the different aspects and qualities of the Breath based on experience and science.

⊗  Learn a trauma-informed holistic approach to facilitate and coach your clients.

⊗  Basics of Polyvagal theory and nervous system regulation and how to use it in sessions.

⊗  Become part of the growing Breathwork Community and spread the power of the Breath.



  • The training is for everyone interested in Conscious Connected Breathwork for deep transformational work.
  • Anyone interested in the application of Breathwork, Energywork and Meditation
  • Professionals already working in the field who want to expand their skills and knowledge from a multidisciplinary holistic approach.
  • Trained Breathworkers who want to extend their skills, self experience and knowledge.

  You want to add Breathwork to your work as coach, therapist, teacher, psychologist, bodyworker…

  You want to deepen your knowledge, expertise and self exploration.

  You want to learn more about how the breath is connected to trauma and the nervous system.

  You want to start a professional career in the field of Breathwork.


Module 1 – Essentials

The 3 pillars of Integrative Somatic Breathwork


Module 2 – Exploration

Facilitating skills and frameworks


Water weekend

Warm water breathing ans birth patterns.


Body Types / Character Structures

Discover the potentials behind your imprints


Module 3 – Development

Trauma and bodywork


Module 4 – Professionalism

Advanced skills and professionalization




  • The training is a 570 hours certificate program
    including classroom training in residential modules, online trainings, assisting hours, supervised practice with clients and trainees, supervision, peer group meetings.
  • Accredited training according to the standards of GPBA
  • 4 modules, a water weekend (optional) and a
    body-types/character structures seminar.
  • The modules build on each other and can only be attended in the specified order.
  • You need to have completed module 2 and the body types seminar before starting module 3 and 4.
  • Depending on your previous trainings and experience with Breathwork we offer a one-on-one track for Module 1.
  • The training is trauma-informed and knowledge based.
  • Using high ethical standards and code of conduct.

Mentoring & Supervision

  • The training includes personal development, self-experience, sessions in a group guided by the trainers and/or co-trainers.
  • Trainees practice and give sessions with their peers during the modules.
  • The trainers are present during these sessions and supervise them.
  • Between modules, trainees give sessions to peers and clients. These sessions are supervised and require written reports.
  • After each module the trainees get personal supervision.



Module 1 – Essentials

The 3 pillars of Integrative Somatic Breathwork

  • Fundamentals of Meditation, Energywork, Breath- and Bodywork as the 3 pillars of Integrative Somatic Breathwork
  • The model of the Wheel of Life as a holistic approach to the guidance of people and personal development on all levels
  • Profound understanding of the natural laws, the cycles of life and the qualities of the 4 directions and the 4 elements
  • Experiencing the individual dynamics on the 4 levels of the Self: mind, body, emotions and soul
  • Advanced self-experience, shadowand consciousness work
  • Self-regulation, embodiment, focus, mindset and centering exercises
  • Chakras and Energyfields
  • Leading different types of meditation.
  • Using principles of energy work and breathing sessions to re-balance body-mind-emotions
  • First steps in facilitating 1 on 1 breathing sessions and regulative breathing exercises

Module 2 – Exploration

Facilitating skills and frameworks

  • Different models and frameworks for deeper understanding of personal and social dynamics and their impact on health and wellbeing
  • Core principles of Integrative Somatic Breathwork
  • Anatomy and physiology of different body systems
  • Self-experience in regulation and release of physical and emotional tensions
  • Use of ISB for Stress release and burn out prevention
  • Different ways of integration
  • Regulation, resourcing, attunement and co-regulation
  • Believes and basic understanding of Neuroplasticity
  • Polyvagal theory and application in Breathwork, Window of Tolerance
  • Indications and contra-indications, ethics of practice and code of conduct
  • Advanced skills in Integrative Somatic Breathwork sessions:
    1 on 1 facilitation with interventions (consent in practice)

Body Types / Character Structures

Discover the potentials behind your imprints

  • Explore and experience the different body types
  • How they shape us and impact our behaviours, relationships and breathing patterns
  • Knowledge and fundamentals of the model
  • The segments and body armour (Reich & Lowen)

Module 3 – Development

Trauma and bodywork

  • The impact of developmental stages in childhood and family dynamics on breathing patterns, behavioral patterns and quality of life
  • Trauma and its influence on the four levels of the Self
  • Knowledge of stress-, burnout prevention panic attacks
  • Cold water breathing and hormesis
  • Advanced self-experience, inner-child-work, resourcing and trauma release exercises
  • Hands-on techniques, Bodywork and Bioenergetic exercises
  • Attachment styles and Reparenting
  • Segments & body Types (Wilhelm Reich) and escape patterns
  • Autonomic Nervous system and emotional regulation
  • Advanced skills ISB sessions: 1 on 2 facilitation
  • Facilitating sessions with children, pregnant women and elderly people

Module 4 – Professionalism

Advanced skills and professionalization

  • Ethics and core values of professionalism
  • Personality and the danger of unconscious patterns
  • Transference and countertransference, projection and mirror
  • Presentation and communication skills
  • Music in sessions, how to use playlists and setup
  • Setting up your business, legal basis and limits of ISB
  • Internal parts work
  • Deepening self-experience in personal growth, transpersonal shamanic breathwork and journey
  • Advanced facilitation skills and interventions
  • Breathing with certain health conditions
  • Online sessions
  • Group dynamics and sessions with groups
  • Neuro-logical levels, vision and mission
  • Theoretical and practical exam + assessment

Water weekend (optional)

Warm water breathing and birth patterns

  • Birth trauma and prenatal imprints
  • Inner child work
  • Birth matrices
  • Bonding
  • Warm Water-Rebirthing



co-founder | lead trainer


co-founder | lead trainer

The current team is still being completed.
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The first step is to send your application form by clicking the button below and completing the form.


You will be invited for an online intake to evaluate your application and answer any questions you might have.


Once you are accepted, you are ready to start with the training according to the outcome of the intake.



Hotel Flackl
Hinterleiten 12
2651 Reichenau an der Rax


DATES: 2024/2025

Module 1 : Sun. 9/6 to Sat. 15/6 — 2024

Module 2 : Sun. 24/11 to Sat. 30/11– 2024

Module 3 : Sun. 9/3 to Sat. 15/03 — 2025

Module 4 : Sun. 18/5 to Sat. 24/5 — 2025

PRICE: 1450 € per module

DATES : Body types week

Sun. 15/9 – Fri. 20/9 — 2024

Sun. 2/2 – Fri. 7/2 — 2025

PRICE: 1225 €

The Wheel of Life Training was and is indeed a life-changing experience

For those who need it short and to the point: Wheel of Life Training is a life and personality changing unique experience that brings you closer to your true YOU. … with each weekend, with each allowing, letting go, becoming new, with each healing experience and tear, I found myself and my essence.

Gabriele Langer


Do you have questions?

Please contact us and send your specific question. We will answer them personally.

What payment options are offered for the training?

We offer different options for payment. You can choose to pay all at once or pay it in parts. These will be discussed during the intake interview.

Do I need to have any special knowledge or training beforehand in order to participate in the training?

You don’t need specific knowledge before. If you have a breathwork training or other relevant experience, we will see during the intake if you start in module 1 or 2.

What can I do with the training afterwards?

Once you completed the training and graduated, you can offer online and off line sessions, 1-to-1, and with groups. You will be able to guide clients with ISB: meditation, Breath-and Bodywork and Energy work.

What is the admission process for the training?

First step is to fill in the application form. This is not binding. Second step, you will be invited to an intake interview where all questions can be cleared, and we talk about where to start.  Third step, you are accepted, and will receive a confirmation email and contract with all the agreements we talked about during the intake.


The Integrative Somatic Breathwork training is accredited by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance


The Wheel of Life is a supporting member of the Indernational Breathwork Foundation

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